Nuno Bento, MPSE

Sound Designer 

Foley artist

The ultimate Sound artist

Lisbon, Portugal


Hey, how are you? Hope you're doing great! 

Let's get right to the point: my name is Nuno Bento, I'm an award-winning Foley artist and Sound Designer with an insatiable desire to play all games, from Warcraft II to Doom Eternal, Frostpunk to Bannerlord, Gone Home to Cruelty Squad, only genre I stray away from is sports unless we're talking Tape to Tape or NHL 98, the Burnout series doesn't count, right?

I want to take my experience working in over 100 films and all wild creativity bursting out of me into games specially in the indie scene. Are you an indie developer? Well then what are you waiting for, let's talk!

I'm eager to be part of a team, a creative, brilliant, small and close-knit team. Though I have released a game on steam called Building 847 and am currently working on Corpus Edax using FMOD, the technical implementation skills I have are still in the process of evolving but getting better with every passing day.

Currently, apart from working on Corpus Edax, I'm trying to finish Morrowind and waiting for you to send me a message to work on your indie game!